Na Na Na Na Na Na Train – Part 2

Remember when I wrote this post about my desire to watch this obscure TV show from 2003 called Train 48?

One of my BFFs who is a yoga instructor is always telling me that if you put a thought into the world, it will come true. I’m always like, yeah, whatever, Namaste blah blah blah.

But then this happened: TRAIN 48 YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

This person is actually updating the entire series, one by one.

And I am watching them. One by one.

Next please – can someone please upload Traders?

OMG! Someone already has!



Who is LOVING the X-Files reboot?!

giphy (7)

I definitely am.

I grew up on X-Files, and watching all the old episodes all weekend long leading up to the premier on Sunday reminded me just how good the series was.

Is it just me, or were TV shows REALLY awesome in the 90s?

Or is it just nostalgia, making everything seem better?

Does anyone remember the show Nowhere Man?

It was very similar to the tone of X-Files, packed with conspiracies and stolen identity and government cover-ups.

This show was awesome.

Unfortunately, it was cancelled after the first season. So we never found out what happened to Tom Veil.

My biggest memory of this show was that it never actually aired in Canada. We had it on a channel from the USA, and it was only on at midnight on a Monday.

Think about that. I was 13 years old, in Grade 8. And my dad would let me stay up late on a Monday to watch this show.

If you’re ever wondering where my insomnia comes from, it’s probably questionable parenting.

But man, what a show.

The 90s were so awesome.