Fresh Breath Bandit – Creative Writing Prompt

Okay here’s another news story that made me LOL.

Guy Steals $1,500 worth of chewing gum

My favourite things about this:

  • He just casually strolls out of the store with his loot in a giant garbage bag
  • He steals all the items just an aisle away from a worker – ballsy!
  • He stole CHEWING GUM.

giphy (6)

I have sooooo many questions (as I’m sure the police do, too).

Does he have a gum fetish?

A gum addiction?

Is he running some black market chewing gum ring?


(Imagine a huge family gathering, unwrapping their presents. “What did you get?” “Gum.” “SAME!” “Wtf?!”)

Does he have some random illness that causes severe bad breath?

Does his crush love that brand of chewing gum so he decided to make a romantic gesture to win her love by swiping all the gum for her???

Was he making some kind of epic chewing gum related art project?

I feel like this would make a great story.

ALSO…imagine being the person working at the checkout, who completely missed this guy walking in and out of the store TWICE with GIANT BAGS FILLED WITH ALL THE CHEWING GUM!!!

Did they get fired????

Imagine a character stealing something else really random in a large quantity.

Toronto The Good

Okay, I love this story.

Good Samaritan found your cash, bought you Powerball tickets

TL;DR: Guy from Toronto travels to the USA to buy a powerball ticket. Outside the gas station, he finds an envelope stashed with cash and a list of names (with Canadian dollars). Oh, the horror – someone lost the cash while buying for a lottery pool (the office must hate him now, right?).

So what did this guy do? The right thing, of course. He bought $350 worth of powerball tickets on behalf of the mystery people.

They only won $32, so he used that money to buy them some additional lotto tickets (in Canada).

I like when people do nice things.

giphy (3)

Anyway, I hope he finds the Lost Lotto Pool People.

Can you imagine if he actually won the jackpot with those tickets?

That would make a great story…hmm..