Things I learned this week

Pineapple pizza was invented in southwestern Ontario.


I had no idea! But #RIP Sam Panopoulos. Imagine being famous for creating the one type of pizza that everyone hates? Now that’s a legacy!

One year at my birthday party in elementary school, you know the kind where you invite the entire class, we bought 3 for 1 Pizza and they accidentally brought us 3 pineapple pizzas. We called them and they brought us 3 pepperoni pizzas. We tried to give them the pineapple pizzas, but they wouldn’t accept them back. So we were stuck with 6 pizzas, and nobody touched the pineapple ones.

The second thing I learned was that the saying New York Minute apparently originates from Toronto.

I’m still questioning that one. But the guy’s research is really impressive!

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