Book Review – Not Working by Lisa Owens

Not Working by Lisa Owens

Why I Picked It Up

Well, let’s face it. Everyone dreams of quitting the 9-5 and having the chance to “find themselves”. Sorry to my boss, but I don’t spend most of my days sitting at this desk because it’s my passion, I’m here because I need the money. Needless to say, I could relate very well to Claire’s extensive ennui.



The vignette format was very refreshing. It was light and easy to pick it up and return to. Also was very fitting to show how she jumps from one idea to the next, with no real direction in life. Some of the really short, self-reflective vignettes actually made me laugh out loud while reading on the subway – that is always a plus with any book. I was able to sympathize with her crushing comparisons to other people, and her struggle to find meaning in life.


Not gonna lie, the one thing that had me hanging on ’till the end was to see what she discovers about her life purpose. She didn’t really find one, after all that? Well, that’s depressing. I guess there’s no hope for me, then?

Emoji rating: 😞💻🖨😕👠🍷🍷🍷🍷🙈😭🍷



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