Book Review: Dear Emma by Katie Heaney

Book Review: Dear Emma by Katie Heaney

<i>I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.</I>

The blurb gave this book so much promise, and that’s why I picked it up. Here’s what I expected to happen: Harriet writes an advice column. The horrible B who stole her two-week BF writes to her for advice. She actually plans revenge and advises Remy to carry out some crazy/hilarious tasks in a way to get him back, while instead making them both look like fools. Then she feels bad about it and befriends the B. (Please, someone write this book? Or is that just a clichΓ©d rom-com?)

That’s not what happens. The plot point of her getting the Dear Emma letter from Remy doesn’t actually happen until 50% into the book. By that point, it’s luck that I actually stuck with the book. After that, it’s just a bit of a disappointment plot-wise. Too much of the book is dedicate to random ramblings, side-hangs, and wtf-does-this-have-to-do-with-anything moments rather than the actual advice column. Sometimes it felt like the advice column was forgotten, and randomly thrown in between chapters as an afterthought.

That being said, I did enjoy this book. If I was reading this while I was 21, I’d probably have absolutely loved it. (dear 21 year olds: enjoy it while you can!) The characters and situations are all people I could relate to. Harriet is SO me while I was in college. I totally had a frenemy like Remy.


Her awkwardness and  social interactions made me laugh, cringe, and feel all warm and fuzzy about the best years of my life.

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