Book Review: Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry

(I received this from NetGelley for an honest review. Thanks!)

Why I picked it up

I work in finance, so I read about these groping coworkers with an eyeroll and “oh that is so like so-and-so”. Very accurate, especially the whole “raised rich and given a cushy, high-figure job where they goof off while the women do all the work”. I’ve seen and experienced that first hand and it’s soooo frustrating.


I’m also obsessed with the 2008 financial debacle. Especially after seeing The Big Short, I wanted to read a women’s perspective on what happened.


Insider look into some attempts of bringing girl power into Wall Street. I enjoyed reading scenes criticizing the one-percenters of New York so that I could compare it to my dismal life and think to myself “Ugh thank god I’m poor.”


Character seemed a bit flat. Things just happen to her and she goes along with it, not much emotional depth or growth.  A lot of rambling whining about her situation that could have been cut. I was bored around the middle when things would happen and then the next scene would jump elsewhere. We get it: your husband sucks, your coworkers suck, your job sucks, you make too much money. It got a bit:


The whole Henry thing and how it unfolded was weird and unbelievable. I kept reading because the end was building towards some drama and then all of that was just glossed over and we jump to the future where all is suddenly well. I would’ve liked to have experienced those moments instead of them just being skipped over like an afterthought.

Also, lots of typos and a serious need for commas, but that could be because I was reading an ARC. Hope they were able to fix that all before publication because I found it distracting.



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