Year of the Wine

When I make a promise, I stick to it. Well, most of the time.

My quest for 2016 was to drink a glass of red wine every night to stave off a string of bad colds.

I’ve never been a fan of red wine though, so my mission is to also find a type of red wine that I actually like.

Nearing the end of the first month of January, I’ve decided the winner is:



Is it the bold flavour? The smoothness of the taste? The kick-ass marketing campaign?

Nope. It’s because it’s a friggin screw top.

Like seriously nothing is worse than having to work hard for your wine with a corkscrew. You have no clue how many times that has gone wrong for me. Remind me one day to tell you the infamous story about the WINE ON THE CEILING. Or the $200 bottle of wine that my crush gifted me with that I wrecked. That’s right – it was because of the goddamn corkscrew.

I get screwed enough by life on a daily basis. Now gimme my wine and let me go to bed.


(I’ve had a bad week, if you can’t tell….)

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