Resolution Solution

What’s your resolution for 2016?

I failed mine in 2015, which was to get my driver’s licence.

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Yeah…let’s be real now, the world is probably a safer place without me behind the wheel.

My BFF helped me put together my resolution for 2016. The best thing is, I think it’s actually doable.

Since I’m always always ALWAYS sick, she’s a big believer that having one glass of wine every night will help boost my immune system.

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I mean, if it’s on the internet, it’s legit, right?

(I may struggle with the whole “moderate” part…)

Coffee morning is becoming boring

Five years ago, while working at my first marketing job, I had to call a hundred bank managers in the province, interview them, and then write a bio that went into a brochure that they handed out to clients.

Sounds boring, right? I actually fucking loved it. It took me way way way out of my comfort zone, because I really hate talking to people. I still do. But all I had to do was read a few questions, jot down some notes, and type up a short blurb. After a few interviews, I realized some of these people were actually interesting, and these interviews became more like just great conversations, where complete strangers were opening up to me.

I’ll never forget one guy who worked out of the main bank office on Bay Street. At the end of the interview he said, “Hey, if you’re ever in the Financial District, feel free to give me a ring and we’ll meet for some coffee.”

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I laughed it off at the time, thanked him politely, and hung up the phone.

Maybe I doubted his sincerity. Or my own social awkwardness stopped me from even wanting to meet this strange guy for a coffee.

Five years later, I can’t help but wonder, if I ever found this guy’s number and gave him a ring, would he still want to meet up for some coffee?

Office Partttttty

I am so not looking forward to my office’s Holiday Party that’s happening on Thursday.

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At the last office party I went to, I ended up telling my one boss that I hated working for him. And then I tried to strangle my other boss.


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